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Tatertown High School has seen many generations of Tatertown's young men and women pass through her halls. Well known for it's lofty academic history, her graduates have gone on to receive a host of BS, MBS and PHD degrees. Tatertown High Stadium is home to the State Champion "Fighting Spuds". The season is always highlighted by the traditional Thanksgiving Day game with crosstown rival Hobbes High School.
The Tatertown High School set consists of two adjoining 3x3 school buildings and the 5x5 stadium. The tiles were loosely based on my own high school especially the stadium. Thanks to everyone whose customs that I used and borrowed to make these buildings. - Tater
You can download the 2 school buildings (municipal section) and the stadium (stadiums section) from the SC3000 database.

Located in the district of the same name, the venerable Rockford Park has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation project. Once a jewel in the thoroughbred racing circuit, Rockford Park had fallen on hard times with the introduction of casino gambling in Serenity Lake. Now the newly renovated track is once again a major player in racing circles with the announcement of the renewal of the $750,000 Au-Gratin Handicap.
Rockford Park started as a 5x15 project including the track, grandstand and barn area. With the addition of the track parking area the project grew to a whopping 5x20. The landmark looks good with or without the additional parking tile so you can use it either way. A special thanks to Mimita and the Freeland gang for helping me figure out the tile joining problem. And as always, thanks to everyone whose customs that I used and borrowed to make these buildings. - Tater
You can download all 4 landmarks from the multi-tile section of the SC3000 database.

Located in the northwest argricultural district of Tatertown, Spudnik's Sweet Potatos is one of the largest producers of yams in the country. The company is the main reason for how Tatertown got it's name. Besides being one of the largest employers and corporate sponsers in the city, the Spudnik's company hosts many civic events including the wildy popular local festival "Taterfest" every year.
Now I know you're already saying to yourself, "it's potatoes, not potatos", well you're correct. But back when Maurice Spudnik, one of Tatertown's founding fathers, formed the Spudnik's company, he mistakenly wrote down Potatos on all the incorporation forms. The name stuck and has worked as a pretty nice marketing tool every since. The company is now run by Manny Spudnik, who is a 5th generation company man and just happens to be the current Mayor of Tatertown.
The idea for this farm started with the rooftop sign. I had seen many rooftop signs on barns and buildings throughout the middle of the country. I also knew I wanted to build some kind of farming area. After I got the sign done the rest just followed and Spudnik's was born. Thanks to everyone whose customs that I used and borrowed to make these buildings. - Tater
Download all 5 buildings from the industrial section of the SC3000 database.
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